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Long Animal Hospital provides cutting-edge veterinary surgery services, with a range of basic to advanced procedures to treat a long list of pet medical problems. Top-of-the-line equipment, constant updates to our surgical knowledge, close attention to detail and safety in every procedure, all mark our practice’s dedication to providing pets with the very best veterinary surgery.

Charlotte NC Pet Surgery Protocol

For every patient, Long Animal Hospital takes preventive steps to make sure our surgeries are safe, painless, and effective. Starting with a pre-surgical exam and complete blood work for all patients receiving anesthesia, our veterinarians work hard to ensure that surgical procedures never do unintended harm. If your pet ever needs an operation, full monitoring of the heart, blood, and body temperature will be put in place from the moment anesthesia is given, with a trained technician watching over your companion until surgery is completed and the recovery period begins. IV fluid therapy may also be used continuously to prevent and manage pain.

Above all, it is most important that our patients remain as safe and comfortable as possible. So while surgeries may never be a simple matter, you can always be sure that our doctors will take every step to guarantee that your pet receives truly excellent surgical treatment, without ever compromising quality or safety.

Veterinary Surgeries at Long Animal Hospital

Five days a week, Long Animal Hospital schedules surgery appointments to treat virtually any pet health care proceedure. We provide veterinary “soft tissue” surgeries of nearly every type and degree of complexity, and our veterinarians’ special interests in canine and feline orthopedic surgery also make us an authority on quality surgical care for fractures and musculoskeletal issues in pets.

Soft tissue surgeries include routine procedures such as spays and neuters as well as more complicated work to perform, such as c-sections, tumor removals, abdominal surgeries, and exploratory diagnostics.

Our veterinarians also provide eye surgeries, surgical cardiology, and routine pet dental surgery to remove damaged or infected teeth in cats and dogs.

Orthopedics at Long Animal Hospital range from basic fixes for broken bones to advanced cruciate ligament repair, canine knee surgery (TTA), advanced back surgeries, and even tendon replacement (EPL) for severe tears and strains.

The Best Surgical Care for Your Pet

We have spoken with many pet owners over the years, and find that when it comes to surgery, many consider surgical treatment to be basically the same everywhere. While most hospitals may be able to offer your pet an operation to deal with a health problem, very few can confidently attest to the same level of excellence, AAHA accreditation, and the versatility Long Animal Hospital affords every patient. On many occasions, we have opted to purchase hospital-grade equipment normally used to treat human patients. We spare nothing in order to give our clients and patients the absolute best veterinary surgery and service available.

When we promise to care for your beloved pet, we also promise to take excellent care of you as well. Our entire staff strives to treat you as a member of the Long Animal Hospital family with respect, courtesy, and understanding you deserve.

Please contact us today if you would like to speak with us further about veterinary surgery, available procedures, and pre- and post-op care for your pet.