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End of Life Care & Pet Hospice

Having to make a decision about the life of a pet is never easy for any owner. Long Animal Hospital understands how important animal companions are in the lives of our clients and their families. That’s why our veterinarians and staff are always available, providing thoughtful guidance and support to clients facing critical moments in the life of a pet family member.

Choosing the Best for Yourself, Your Pet, and Your Family

When a beloved family cat or dog reaches his or her final days of life, emotions can be overwhelming. We are often faced with indecision due to the strong feelings of grief, fear, or guilt. While these times are never easy, they are always made better by the help of friends, family, and your pet’s veterinarian.

We see many of our patients from their first weeks of life to adulthood and on into their senior years. We take great pride in helping clients needs through these last moments in a hospital setting. Our staff is committed to do what ever we can to help. Counseling and loss support resources are also available upon request.

Pet Memorials

Long Animal Hospital is able to offer a range of choices to ensure your pet’s passing is done in a compassionate and professional manner. Our veterinarians will always consult with you about the best ways to keep your companion animal comfortable during his or her last days at home. We offer euthanasia services to ensure your pet does not have to suffer. Long Animal Hospital also offers commemorative options through Charlotte Pet Cemetery’s cremation and memorial services.

No matter where you find yourself in the process, Long Animal Hospital will always be here if you ever have to say goodbye to a cherished pet family. We encourage you to reach out if you are faced with such a difficult decision. Please call us for more information regarding guidance and additional local pet loss resources in North Carolina and South Carolina.