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Long Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to your pet. This means having the ability to diagnose and treat cats and dogs under any circumstances, with a knowledgeable veterinary staff and the most reliable technology available. We use the latest in advanced diagnostic tools, including digital pet X-rays, ultrasound, rigid and flexible endoscopes, and a comprehensive in-house laboratory. All of this enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose medical issues and determine the ideal treatment plan for your animal companion.

Digital Pet X-rays and Ultrasound Imaging

We utilize state-of-the-art digital X-ray equipment to obtain the best possible internal images of our patients. Digital X-rays can be crucial to understanding and diagnosing abnormal medical conditions. Our veterinarians can use this technology to immediately view your pet’s bone structure, joints, and vital organs, planning accordingly to treat any issues we detect.

Ultrasound is a similar imaging tool, with a diversity of applications. Painless and non-invasive, this advanced diagnostic imaging technique can be used to evaluate organs and other internal structures in our patients. High frequency sound waves produce a digital image of these systems, allowing your veterinarian to actually view your pet’s internal processes in real time.

Veterinary Endoscopy

The endoscope is another important diagnostic tool that allows our veterinarians to view and remove foreign objects that may have been ingested. Endoscopy is also very useful in tissue and organ biopsies, enabling us to conduct internal procedures in the least invasive manner possible.

Laboratory Diagnostics

In our modern, comprehensive laboratory—located right here at the hospital—our veterinarians and techs can perform a wide array of veterinary lab tests to produce a detailed diagnosis of your pet’s health conditions. Tests available include:

  • Full diagnostic blood work—chemistry and CBC
  • Cytology
  • Urinalysis
  • Parasite identification
  • Dermatology and pet allergy testing

Having our very own in-house lab is immensely valuable. It enables us to quickly obtain medical information needed to treat healthy and ill patients alike with precise diagnoses. Adding to these benefits is our ability to send out lab samples for further evaluations and specialty testing. We work with the nation’s largest diagnostic laboratory for the quickest, most accurate results possible.

Whenever your cat or dog needs medical treatment, you can count on the veterinarians of Long Animal Hospital to provide you and your pet with the best. We build every treatment plan using only the most dependable diagnosis we can get, because we know how valuable your pet is to you and your family. Please contact the hospital if you would like to know more.