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Veterinary Care for Special Issues

With years of formal education and unique experiences working in pet care practices across the country, our diverse background in animal medicine makes Long Animal Hospital a special place for your pet. Each member of our team brings something different to the services we provide—our comprehensive approach to canine and feline medicine is clear. We are pleased to offer your pet a range of professional care options that are enhanced by the exceptional training and special interests of each of our veterinarians.

Each of the topics below represents an area of our practice in which members of our team have special certification, training, or a personal interest.

Veterinary Orthopedics

Orthopedic surgeries are a major focus at Long Animal Hospital. Only the highest quality equipment is used for each patient, and we are always continuing our education and expertise in these special surgeries. In fact, some of the technology we use in our surgery suite is the very same found in human medicine. Top-quality technology comes at a much greater cost than standard veterinary equipment, but our practice spares no expense on upgrades to provide your pet with the absolute best care available.

Pet Cancer Treatments

Members of our team also have backgrounds in veterinary oncology, such as: cancer diagnosis, treatment for dogs and cats, chemotherapy, and surgical intervention to remove tumors and relieve symptoms are available from Long Animal Hospital’s professional clinicians.


Modern technology and rigorous protocols for veterinary diagnostics give us an edge in pet cardiology. Our veterinarians are able to perform EKG and ultrasound monitoring of the heart in real time. We can evaluate and create effective treatment plans for animal companions dealing with heart-related conditions. We also have the ability to perform advanced heart surgeries as needed.

Veterinary Dermatology

With a personal interest in the diagnoses and treatment of pet skin conditions, members of our veterinary team can help cats and dogs overcome dermatological issues. The causes of these conditions can be hard to pinpoint, but we can help you determine whether allergies, environmental irritants, or your pet’s diet is to blame for a dermatological reaction. From here, we will help you implement a comprehensive plan to get any skin conditions under control. See our pet allergy testing page for more information.

Dog and Cat Eye Care

Caring for your pet’s eyes always requires the help of an experienced professional, and members of Long Animal Hospital’s veterinary staff have backgrounds in treating ocular issues. Difficulties seeing, infection, and degenerative conditions affecting your pet’s eyes can be helped or even reversed with attention from our veterinarians.

We are committed to providing your pet with exceptional care in every area. Flexibility in our veterinary services and top-quality medicine are central to the work we do at Long Animal Hospital. Retaining some of the brightest and most active minds in the field on our hospital team allows us to practice safe and reliable medicine. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our services.